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Drink Specials 9.9.16


A sweet-tart combination of citrus and cranberry
flavors that, conveniently, is an attractive pink
color when mixed.
Pineapple Upsidedown
This cake like cocktail that will sweeten up your
weekend. A simple and easy mixture of pineapple juice,
cake-flavored vodka, lime juice and grenadine.
The Classic Dirty
This is a martini for olive lovers. It can be enjoyed on the
rocks or chilled and lends to the drier taste factor.
Banana Cream
Just like grandma used to make! By utilizing vodka as the
base and building with Creme de Banana, you get a truly
delicious martini that will satisfy all banana lovers.
The Official Pickle
This martini is crisp, sour, and salty all at once.
Utilized with American vodka, pickle juice, dry vermouth,
and finally garnished with a pickle spear!
A cocktail containing vodka and apple liqueur for a sweet,
savory, and sour mixture. A common variation of the appletini
is the "Rumpletini", with light rum in place of the vodka.
French Martini
A French classic since 1685, with notes of raspberries, citrus,
and pineapple garnished with a twist of lemon. This all natural
cocktail is versatile for all martini drinkers.
The Chocolatini
The variations on martinis seem endless but this sweet
version is both creative and sophisticated in taste and
presentation. It's a great way to start or finish a meal.
Key Lime Pie
If you enjoy the occasional piece of key lime pie, then you
have got to try this martini. It is a sweet, fruity mix of pineapple
and lime backed up by vanilla vodka and triple sec.
Cinamon Toast
This martini is simply cinnamon and vanilla in the 
form of a drink. Those two ingredients make a delicious
combination, just like the drink's namesake.

Classic Cocktails

Old Fashioned
This cocktail is one of America's oldest cocktails dating back to 1806!
We bring this classic to life by utilizing Knob Creek Bourbon and then
an aromatic bitters into a splash of club soda!
The Great Tom Collins
This famous cocktail dates back to as early as 1876. This refreshing and
effervescent cocktail hinges on a gerat base of Hendricks Gin. This is a 
flowery cocktail that is built upon a refreshing after taste!
Wolfie Sour
If you want to step into the whiskey field but still like a little sweetness
to your cocktail, pick this one up. It starts with Jim Beam Kentucky Bourbon
on ice and then adds some fresh lime juice, sour mix, and is 
topped off with a twist of lemon for that after zest!
The Bloody Brilliant Mary
This has been dubbed "the wold's most complex cocktail and consists
of multiple conflicting claims of who invented it. All claims to the
creation of this enormously popular drink related back to New York City
in the early 1930's.
Mamas Moscow Mule
This drink is also known as the Vodka Buck and originated in the
United States within an area known as "Little Moscow". It utilizes
premium Stoli Vodka but then mixes it with a tart and semi-sweet
Ginger Beer to make a very light and easy to drink cocktail. It consists
of a base like Stoli Vodka and tomato juice. After that, the ski is the
limit with cayenne pepper, Worcestershire Sauce, and much more.
The Bitter Devil
Why not step out of your comfort zone and get into some bourbon! This
Wolfie's original consists of Makers Mark Bourbon, Ginger Beer, and
"twisted" lemon to combine and give you a full and tart ginger taste!
Cucumber Smash
You couldn't use any other base gin that Hendricks to build this
cocktail. Created as a leisurely drink, this cocktail has many parts
including St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur and fresh cucumber wedges!
The Irishman Coffee
Originally created to make the bite off of working long hours in the
shipyard, this cocktail builds upon it's heritage utilizing Tullamore Dew 
Irish Whiskey alongside Bailey's Irish Cream and fresh brewed hot
coffee. It wasn't until making it over to the US that whipped cream
started being added.
The Manhattan
Popular history suggests that this drink originated at the Manhattan
Club in New York City in the early 1870's. It quickly became popular
and was referred to by the name of the club where it originated. It hasn't
deviated much off of its' original base ingredients of a Rye Bourbon like
Knob Creek Rye and Sweet Vermouth with Angosture Bitters except
during prohibition of which Canadian Whiskey was used as that
was all that was available.