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Live Events

Indiana's Favorite Pastime — Euchre!

Play EUCHRE at Geist on Tuesday nights through the winter. Sign up at

Wolfies —Geist:

September 29th: Common Ground

October 6th: Five after midnight

October 13th: Touch of Grass

October 20th: Surge in Indy

October 21st: HALLOWEEN BASH / JAI BAKER (tickets on event bright)

October 27th: Steel Petals featuring Tim Wright

November 3rd: HT3

November 10th: Steel Petals featuring Tim Wright

November 17th: Midwest Originals

December 1st: Roughouse

December 8th: Midwest Originals

December 15th: 

December 22nd: Touch of Grass

December 29th: 

December 30th: Jai Baker

Wolfies — Noblesville:

September 29th: Touch of Grass

October 6th: Levi Driskell

October 13th: Midwest Originals

October 20th: DJ Demetrius

October 27th: Touch of Grass

November 3rd: 

November 19th: Back to our Roots

November 17th: Jenna & Joel

December 1st: Jenna & Joel

December 8th:

December 15th: Brett Wiscons 

December 22nd: Levi Driskell

December 29th: Touch of Grass

December 30th: Ripple Effect

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