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Our Story

A Family Business

The Wolf Family has been bringing family, customers, community, and staff together providing family recipes and entertainment for over a decade. Opening their first Wolfies location in 2004, Scott and Nyla Wolf set on a path to create a restaurant designed for the seeker in all things sports, nature, and food. Their vision of creating a northern woods atmosphere dropped them on a lakefront view overlooking Morse Reservoir, allowing them to build on their principles and create a small community. With the support of the growing family and staff, Scott and Nyla have expanded to locations throughout Indiana including five Wolfies locations, and the Italian House, the Broken Barrel, and Nylas.

Beyond the restaurant industry, Scott and Nyla have opened their family doors to both staff and customers alike in an outreach they created in 2015 called R.I.B.S. (Restaurant Industry Bible Study). RIBS was created to share their values and morals, and give those around them a unique opportunity to participate and share as well. Their home has housed more than 200 people giving peace and faith a place to reside.

Scott, Nyla, Alec, and Ansley are still very involved in the company, and share many relationships within the Wolfies community.

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